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A bewildering and memorable experience is assured as Nic performs his  unique brand of table magic. This really is up close and personal and  will leave you utterly dumbfounded - the magic materializing quite  literally before your very eyes. Experiencing the artistry of such a  consummate magician mere inches from your gaze will be truly  unforgettable. Nic's is the most distinctive of styles communicating a  blend of charisma and charm that astounds and beguiles - literally  drawing you in and making you a part of the magic itself.

Nic's professional accomplishments testify to his range and mastery and he  has a quite impeccable pedigree. Nic is a full member of the Magic  Circle and has both entertained his peers, as well as giving lectures at the Magic Circle Headquarters in London - and there is no more  discriminating audience in the realm of professional magic! Nic's  flawless professional virtuosity has attracted the attention of both  celebrities and our own Royal  Family. He has had the great honour of performing for Princes William  and Harry at Kensington Palace, a personal booking made by Lady Diana  herself because she did not want the ordinary type of  magician.

Nic has also been booked by the Duchess of York as well as  other Royal families across Europe, Arabia and the Far East. Indeed, Nic can now boast more than a dozen Royal performances to his name,  including a performance for HM the Queen and Prince Phillip. In 2006 he  organised magic and other specialist entertainment for the Queen  herself. When not entertaining royalty, Nic has performed for the  England football team, Sir Elton John, Sir David Frost and a host of  'A  List' celebrities from the world of Media and the Arts.

Nic's rare magical talents have also been in  demand at the weddings of various high profile media personalities.


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